Network, Management & Logistics Integration
Network, Management & Logistics Integration

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Provider of computers, networking, and software administration for the 21st century.


We offer to service and maintain your office pc’s, laptops, servers, and printer supplies on a monthly basis.  We also offer, as a cost plus item, the advantage for your staff to maintain their equipment at a far reduced price while providing superior technical services.


All of these services are including remote repair and troubleshooting, software assistance (within a business scope) all included in your monthly package.


On your printer supplies, we match or better both the quality and pricing both locally and on the web, with a 100% guarantee of serviceability for any items installed under your package.


Also, the response for services would be during the same day as the request, unless changes are otherwise noted and agreed upon.


We can monitor items that go unnoticed, ie. Network Printers, fax machines, copiers, servers, routers, wireless access points, phone systems, and much more.  This will help give you notice when a significant failure is imminent, and allows time to plan around any perceived difficulties.


Through a recent supply chain agreement, we  now deliver superior network printer/copier toner and parts at very competitive pricing with most items either within 1 or 2 days. On some items, the same day after your package is finalized and placed in service..


Using the cloud as a resource is also another advantage.  With our configuration management, we can customize an in-house server with both a local and a cloud storage backup. Or a configuration for an in-house server with the cloud as an active failover and backup.


How about a local email server that has a cloud covering it as a backup failsafe?  We can configure many other scenarios, both all local, and all cloud/virtual situations. We can even setup or assist your IT personnel in setup of Call Centers, Data Centers, Security Management, Office moves, build-outs, and much, much more.


Today’s business environment has lots of potential for substantial monetary gain, yet,  utilizing the current and future web and IT services could be daunting for those not wanting to become subject matter IT specialist.   


Let us handle that aspect, we are here to help and assist you succeed.  We have many years of IT and business experience to draw from and we will use those experiences to help you with your business.


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Phone: (757) 470-0793


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